SCT 41 & 42 e-learning 

The Concrete Institute introduces the SCT 41 and 42 (ICT stage 2 and stage 3) as e-learning courses, a more effective way of studying towards your International ICT examinations. 


This e-learning format will ensure a structured approach with regular assessments and will enable TCI to manage and assess progress and give feedback where necessary. 


The aim in studying concrete technology via this online platform will be to prepare yourself for the Institute of Concrete Technology’s Stage 2 and Stage 3 (General Principles & Practical Application examinations). 


The Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT), based in London, UK provides the course objectives and the final examination. The Concrete Institute (TCI) based in Midrand, South Africa
provides you with: 

  • The online course, consisting of 36 online lessons covering all the ICT requirements

  • Specialist lecturer supervision, guidance and input

  • the examination compulsory workshops are scheduled shortly before

  • An examination venue 

  • A compilation of ICT past years exam papers


In order to get the most out of this course, you should commit yourself (AND SUFFICIENT TIME), on a regular basis:

  • Read and study the information given in each lesson

  • Complete the Quizzes using the information given in that lesson

  • Submit answers to the Assignments at the end of each lesson 


In addition, you should endeavour to add to your knowledge of the different lesson topics by:

  • Applying lessons learnt in your own job sphere 

  • Attending additional talks, site visits, etc. arranged by the various cement and construction-related
    associations in your area to broaden your knowledge. This will not only put the information given in the lessons “to the test”, but will also give you a reservoir of “case studies” to assist you in answering the examination questions.


TCI Course Name
SCT 41 – General Principles
SCT 42 – Practical Applications

ICT Course Name
STAGE 2 – General Principles
STAGE 3 – Practical Applications


SCT 41 & 42 e-learning
CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY & CONSTRUCTION (STAGE 2 AND 3) offered by the Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT) based in London

The SCT 41 and 42 are ideal bridging courses for those who would like to do the SCT50 Advanced Concrete Technology diploma. They will substantially expand on the knowledge gained in the SCT 30 Concrete Technology course. 


It is recommended that a potential delegate should have completed the SCT30 Concrete Technology course before attempting these courses. A pass in the SCT 41 and 42 courses is a prerequisite to being accepted onto the SCT 50 Advanced Concrete Technology diploma program. See above for a description of the platform on which these courses are now offered. 


Registrations will be accepted until 15 January 2020. Any cancellation for examinations must be done before the end of February to avoid being charged registration fee.


Two courses are offered:
   SCT 41: General Principles (Part 1) (ICT Stage 2)
   SCT 42: Practical Applications (Part 2) (ICT Stage 3)

The examinations consist of one three-hour paper for each course. Exams are written in Midrand only.

(All queries related to the examination scripts and or examination remarking must be dealt with ICT (London) directly.)


Minimum entrance requirements

Grade 12 or SCT 30. 


Compulsory revision workshops are held in Midrand prior to the examinations in May.


SCT 41: General Principles (Part 1)

  • Materials, including aggregates, cements, water, admixtures, reinforcing and prestressing

  • Properties of concrete

  • Testing concrete

  • Specification of concrete, design of mixes and quality control

  • Formwork

  • Concrete production and supply

  • Ready-mixed concrete

  • Compacting and finishing

  • Curing

  • Reinforced concrete


SCT 42: Practical Applications (Part 2)


  • Testing concrete

  • Specification of concrete

  • Quality control and mix design

  • Joints

  • Roads, materials and construction

  • Reinforcement and prestressing

  • Formwork including falsework

  • Surface finishing, screeds and toppings

  • Defects and repairs

  • Concrete production and handling

  • Floors

  • Precast concrete and production

  • Curing

  • Site organisation and layout

  • Ready-mixed concrete



The Advanced Concrete Technology (ACT) diploma enjoys worldwide acceptance as the leading qualification in concrete technology and is examined by the UK based Institute of Concrete Technology (ICT). The ICT is a Professional Affiliate Body of the UK Engineering Council and it promotes concrete technology as a recognised engineering discipline. It also sets high educational standards and requires its members to abide by a code of Professional Conduct, thus enhancing the profession of concrete technology. The ACT course is run in South Africa once every two years. The next Advanced Concrete Technology (ACT) course will commence in January 2021 with two exams written in July 2021.


The target audience includes qualified and experienced civil engineers, cement chemists, concrete technologists and technicians involved in the building, construction, precast concrete, mining, cement, aggregate, admixture and ready-mix concrete industries.


Delegates who pass both three-hour examinations and pass their research project will receive the Advanced Concrete Technology Diploma. This qualifies them for Corporate Membership of the ICT and, as corporate members, they may write the letters MICT behind their names and qualify for one year's free membership to the ICT of London.



Please submit your application to the Course Organiser for the 2021 course by mid-November 2020.


Recommended entrance requirements

An appropriate qualification in civil engineering or any other appropriate branch of science or technology is required. Without such a qualification, a learner's prior knowledge will be assessed by the Education and Training manager before acceptance of registration.


A pass in SCT 41 and 42 is deemed an appropriate qualification for acceptance onto this course.


The course covers some 75 topics falling into the following broad categories:

  • Cements

  • Additions to concrete

  • Admixtures

  • Aggregates

  • Fresh concrete

  • Setting and hardening of concrete

  • Properties of hardened concrete

  • Durability of concrete

  • Concrete construction

  • Mix design

  • Special concretes

  • Ready-mixed concrete

  • Special processes and technology for particular types of structures

  • Concrete finishes

  • Repairing concrete

  • Formwork

  • Concrete plant

  • Precast concrete

  • Concrete roads

  • Industrial floors

  • Principles of reinforced and prestressed concrete

  • Test methods and equipment

  • Quality concepts

  • Quality control

  • Statistics

  • Standards, specifications and codes of practice

  • Assessment of concrete construction

  • Sources of information


ACT Diplomas are awarded by the Institute of Concrete Technology, UK, to successful delegates.


Compulsory attendance requirements

Lectures:    Last two weeks in January

                 Last two weeks in February


Workshop: Early June.