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23 - 26 October 2018

The IIBCC (International Inorganic-Bonded Fiber Composites Conference) provides the perfect opportunity for interaction between people with a common interest in all types of inorganic-bonded products and technologies including fiber-cement, fiber-gypsum, fiber-ceramics, wood cement products (WWCB, CBPB, WRCB), brick and block composites and other related topics. A wide variety of these technologies are extensively manufactured around the world while others are in concept stage.

19 - 21 November 2018

The ICCRRR 2018 in Cape Town is intended to bring together practising engineers, scientists, specifiers, concrete technologists, researchers and others from around the world to share knowledge and experience on current developments on the broad themes of concrete durability, condition assessment, repair technology, and associated fields.

9 - 11 October 2018

The conference will bring together road officials from all tiers of government, academia and professionals in the private sector, to assist in determining the road needs and formulating a way forward. This will include the development of a cogent road financing policy and the provisioning and maintenance of an efficient, safe and affordable road network to serve the needs of the growing region.

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06 Nov 2017

Dusseldorf, Germany

ECRA/CEMCAP Joint Workshop “Current State of CCS Research in Cement Production”

On 7 November 2017 ECRA and CEMCAP will hold their 2nd joint workshop at the premises of ECRA in Duesseldorf to discuss the current state of CCS research in cement production.

CEMCAP is a project funded by Horizon 2020 addressing CO2 capture from cement production through the demonstration of different CO2 capture technologies in an industrially relevant environment (TRL 6) based on the previous work of ECRA and Norcem. The aim of the project is to identify CO2 capture technologies with the greatest potential to be retrofitted to existing cement plants and to formulate a techno-economic decision basis. The project duration is from 2015 to 2018. More information about CEMCAP can be found at www.sintef.no/projectweb/cemcap. ECRA is involved as an industrial advisory group to give guidance to the research consortium and communicate the results within the European cement industry.


Topics covered in the workshop will include:

  • The CEMCAP project

  • EU policy for CCS

  • Oxyfuel technology

  • Chilled ammonia

  • Membrane-assisted liquefaction

  • Calcium looping


The workshop will begin with an informal get-together the evening before on 6 November. Participation in the workshop is free of charge with the exception of hotel accommodation.

04 Dec 2017

Melia Cohiba Hotel, La Havana Cuba

2nd International Conference on Calcined Clays for Sustainable Concrete

The most promising route to improving the sustainability of Cement & Concrete is to blend Portland Cement Clinker with substitution materials often referred to as Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs). However supplies of the most common SCMs, which are slag and fly ash are quiet limited compared to the worldwide production of cement.

The first conference on Calcined Clays showed that calcined clays are the most promising source of additional SCMs which can make a substantial contribution to lowering further the environmental impact of Cement & Concrete.

This conference aims to follow up the scientific studies and experiences of the application of Calcined Clays in Cement and Concrete in mainstream construction projects.

12 Mar 2018

Our Network, Your Opportuity

bauma CONEXPO AFRICA is an event you cannot miss as it will provide you with comprehensive insights into the construction and mining industry in Africa.

19 Jun 2018

“Concrete connects”

13th International Symposium on Concrete Roads

The 13th International Symposium on Concrete Roads will take place on 20-22 June 2018 in Berlin.

CONCRETE ROADS 2018 is going to be an event, where numerous significant topics will be reviewed, e.g. concrete, roads, paving, motorways, concrete roads, bus stops, roundabouts as well as infrastructure and transportation in general.

25 Sep 2018

8th VDZ Congress, Dusseldorf, Germany

VDZ Congress 2018

Since 1971 the VDZ Congress is an international forum of the cement industry, its suppliers and science. At the VDZ Congress scientists and experts from technically leading cement works discuss current technical developments in cement manufacture and the challenges of the industry with international participants.

The next, now 8th VDZ Congress will take place on 26 - 28 September 2018 in Duesseldorf. Please save the date. Further information on the 8th VDZ Congress will be announced in time.

05 Oct 2018

The International Federation for Structural Concrete 5th International fib Congress : Better - Smarter - Stronger

fib 2018

The call for abstracts is now open for the fib 2018 5th International Congress in Melbourne. It will be hosted by the Concrete Institute of Australia from 6-12 October 2018.

15 Sep 2019

Prague, Czech Republic - calls for abstracts open


This is our honour and great pleasure to invite you to the 15th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement (ICCC 2019) which will be held in September 16th – 20th, 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic.


The International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement (ICCC) is the renowned global platform which summarizes the state of art of cement chemistry as well as major trends in cement application. Since the first International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement started in London in 1918, it has provided a strong and fruitful link between the academic world and the cement industry. It has always stimulated scientific exchanges and discussions between students and those who have already gained working experience in all of the many fields of chemistry relevant to cement production and its use in concrete and mortar.

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